The Michelin Guide recommed chef, Csaba Palotai manages the market bistro which can house 25 vendors and aims to marry tradition with modern development. The bistro’s atmosphere suits him better than the world of high dining. Ever the adventurer, he spent the last few decades circling the globe. He has worked in Paris, London, Manchester and spent long years in both Michelin-starred restaurants and quaint little French bouchons. Csaba learned the meaning of order and silence from Gordon Ramsey, whose work he respects immensely; nevertheless he considers French chefs unknown to the media as examples to follow. He has been head chef of Callas, Pierrot, Déryné and 21 other Hungarian restaurants in Budapest and the countryside. Csaba was the mastermind of the Békéscsaba eatery Brill Bistro’s first place finish as best countryside restaurant in 2014. Csaba was featured on a number of culinary television shows, such as the most successful daily-gastronomy series in Hungary, Receptklub; Bon Appetite! – a show with a French kitchen focus; and the seasonal Grillpercek (Grill minutes).

The classic bistro kitchen is augmented by modern technology such as a Josper oven, a power steamer, a Big Green Egg, a Pacojet, a shock freezer and sous-vide appliances. We are currently investing in a lyophilisation system and our shipping containers are currently bringing our American Smoker Yoder’s grills in preparation for the summer barbecue season. Our meals are served in cast iron pots and wood platters. Everything we prepare is from fresh produce.

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About the GOLDEN HUF:

1. Conditions for participation

With participating during the action you will accept the rules conditions. The participant accepts that he / she has to inform him / herself about the rules before the participating. The participant can be just 18-year-old Hungarian citizen, who consumed three courses menu! The GOLDEN HUF is not non-transferable!

2. Duration of the action

The GOLDEN HUF PROGRAM begins 23th February until withdrawn.

3. The promotion process

After every consumed 3 courses menu, we will give you 1 GOLDEN HUF, after you collect 10 GOLDEN HUF we give you a 3 courses menu free of charge.

4. Other Provisions

The actual daily menu can find on our website and our bistro as well.


Address: 1072 Budapest Hungary, ground floor 42-48 Akácfa Street
Telephone: +36-30-358-31-55