Mangalica breeders’ introducing


3/a Mester Road, Hajdúböszörmény 4220, Hungary

MOE Member: Since 2012
Region: Észak-Alföld
County: Hajdú-Bihar
Area: Hajdúböszörmény
Mangalica type: blonde
Numbers of blonde Mangalica: 46


Zsóka Fekete graduated as a chartered food engineer at the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. Her family has always been involved in agriculture and within this organic vegetables and field production. Zsóka therefore always had the option to work in agriculture herself.

After winning a Young Farmer tender, Zsóka started her own business specializing in Mangalica breeding and processing in 2012. Her successful breeding program is supported by the National Association of Mangalica. She started breeding blonde Mangalica with 10 sows and she is continuously improving her livestock. The pigs are feeded forage by her father, the organic farmer Andrew Fekete. It is very important to Zsóka that Mangalicas enjoy the best possible foraging and living conditions. Mangalica products are prepared according to traditional “Hajdúság” recipes, which Zsóka learned from her grandparents. This allows her to both keep traditions alive and ensure the farm continues to contribute to the economy.


Address: 1072 Budapest Hungary, ground floor 42-48 Akácfa Street
Telephone: +36-30-358-31-55