Mangalica breeders’ introducing

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129/A Rákóczi Road, 4464 Tiszaeszlár, Hungary

MOE Member: Since 2005
Region: Észak-Alföld
County: Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg
Area: Tiszaeszlár
Mangalica type: red, blonde
Numbers of red Mangalica: 51
Numbers of blonde Mangalica: 203


István Kocsis and his family have been involved in Mangalica breeding since 2005. As a family-run farm spanning three generations, István Kocsis works together with his daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren. Their own rearing of 200 sows includes blonde and red Mangalica. Their free-range livestock is bred on 16 hectares of their own farmland and their farm buildings were renovated in 2015.

The forage is partly derived from economy forage grown on 95 hectares, and it is processed masticators and agitators. The pigs are mostly sold as live animals, with Pick Szeged Co., Lac-Hús Kft. in Hajdunánás, Olmos and Tóth Kft.

The Kocsis family processes the products in its own private craft manufactory. Renovation and modernization of the factory was completed in 2014. Processed products are sold in local farmers' markets and festivals nationwide. The family possesses all the necessary tools and machines for arable and livestock farming. Electricity is needed to operate the factory. As of May 2014, the farm operates 144 solar cells and solar panels have been producing hot water since March 2014. A recent investment expanded the 14 KWh solar power system to provide even more reliable, renewable energy. While continuing to use the current meat factory, they would like to improve the quality of production and expand the range of products. The National Association of Mangalica Breeders monitors production activities and supports the controlled breeding of Mangalica in Hungary. Their work is supervised by the Council of Native Livestock Gene Resources and support the production and development of high-quality systems.


Address: 1072 Budapest Hungary, ground floor 42-48 Akácfa Street
Telephone: +36-30-358-31-55