Mangalica breeders’ introducing



21 Béc Street, Letenye 8868

MOE Member: Since 2009
Region: Nyugat Dunántúl
County: Zala
Area: Letenye
Mangalica type: blonde
Numbers of blonde Mangalica: 400


Ságvári family deals with Mangalica breeding since 2009 and nowadays they have almost 400 Mangalica pork. The Mangalicas are fed with grain and natural nutrition and they are grew up in cold holding. Their products are made by themselves (without preservative) and they filled- smoked and hold them as well. The cutting happens in the slaughterhouse. Endre Ságvári is member of National Association of Mangalica (MOE), which provides the purity of the Mangalicas and the quality of the products too! In 2016 he won the first place on the Mangalica’s Festival in 2016. Their homemade sandwich „Pempit” are very popular in Letenye’s community and Ságvári family is so proud of it!


Address: 1072 Budapest Hungary, ground floor 42-48 Akácfa Street
Telephone: +36-30-358-31-55