Mangalica breeders’ introducing


Géptelep, 2345 Apaj, Hungary

MOE Member: Since 1994
Region: Közép-Magyarország
County: Pest
Area: Apaj
Mangalica type: red, blonde
Numbers of red Mangalica: 22
Numbers of blonde Mangalica: 44


They founded their enterprise in 2010, but they have deal with Mangalica breeding since 1992. 30 blonde and 30 red Mangalicas were their property from 200 pieces in 1992 Hungary.

„Our pigs grew up outside and in chemical-free environment in a National Park. The forge is is partly derived from economy forage, thus the pigs’ meat is incredibly delicious.” It is important for them to keep this traditional method in their products and in producing as well. In this case they decided to produce their Mangalica’s product by themselves.


Address: 1072 Budapest Hungary, ground floor 42-48 Akácfa Street
Telephone: +36-30-358-31-55