Mangalica breeders’ introducing



1 Ady Endre Street, 5420 Túrkeve, Hungary

MOE Member: Since 2002
Region: Észak Alföld
County: Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok
Area: Túrkeve
Mangalica type: blonde
Numbers of blonde Mangalica: 20


We have been started to think about breeding Mangalicas in 2000. Then in 2002 we became a member of National Association of Mangalica (MOE), at the same time we bought 20 blonde Mangalica sows. We are always taking part in Mangalica festivals, which is organized by MOE, where we are regularly awarded.
In 2014 I received a ministerial certificate recognized honours, because my Mangalica breeding’s activities was excellent and I preserved our Mangalica substance.


Address: 1072 Budapest Hungary, ground floor 42-48 Akácfa Street
Telephone: +36-30-358-31-55